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How to Determine If You Need a Personal Injury Lawyer

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Not every single injury you suffer on the job or on someone else’s property will warrant a lawsuit against another person. A simple paper cut or slip on a floor that doesn’t really result in an injury isn’t usually enough to bring a case to court, but that doesn’t mean you should assume any and all injuries you’ve suffered should be ignored. Sometimes even a supposedly minor injury might require your representation by a personal injury attorney, and there may be times when you assume you don’t have a case against someone when you should really speak with an attorney before making that decision. Read More»

5 Essential Reasons Why You Must Have A Strata Title

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If you are a unit owner in shared property such as executive apartments, commercial buildings or penthouses, it’s important to have a strata title. Here five points to make you understand why it is important to have a strata title. Exercise Control over Property To qualify to take part in the formation of a management corporation, which will have the authority to administer the affairs of the entire property on behalf of individual unit owners, you must have a strata title. Read More»