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How to Determine If You Need a Personal Injury Lawyer

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Not every single injury you suffer on the job or on someone else's property will warrant a lawsuit against another person. A simple paper cut or slip on a floor that doesn't really result in an injury isn't usually enough to bring a case to court, but that doesn't mean you should assume any and all injuries you've suffered should be ignored. Sometimes even a supposedly minor injury might require your representation by a personal injury attorney, and there may be times when you assume you don't have a case against someone when you should really speak with an attorney before making that decision.

While it's always good to at least consult with an attorney when you have any legal questions, note some indicators that you might want to speak with such a professional.

1. If your injury may have long-term consequences

Long-term consequences from an injury may involve a scar, limited mobility, or the need for long-term care and treatment. One reason to speak to an attorney in these cases is that an insurance company may be willing to pay for your care right after suffering an injury or accident, but may not be willing to pay for long-term care and physical therapy. Long-term consequences may also make you more eligible for compensation.

Never assume that if an insurance company is paying your medical bills now that you don't need an attorney or that those long-term consequences are not major enough to warrant a case against someone. Always consult with an attorney in those cases.

2. If you've been offered a settlement because of your injury

It's never good to accept a settlement offer from an insurance company without speaking to an attorney. One reason for this is that the offer may seem very generous to you but an attorney will know if it's a fair settlement or not.

It's also good to have an attorney read over the terms of the settlement so that you know what you're signing. You may be giving up your right to future compensation for medical bills and the right to sue any other parties that are responsible for your injuries. In turn, you could be missing out on compensation you would otherwise receive.

Even if you feel you need the settlement money immediately, you always want to consult with an attorney. Remember that he or she is there to fight for your rights and to ensure you receive fair compensation after an accident.

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