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Why It Is Critical to Get the Building Permit Process Right

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In our society, people are generally free to buy property of their own and to improve it as they wish. Yet it’s not a completely open playing field, as each person must ensure that their structure is safe and will be able to stand the test of time. In most cases, this means that they need to get a building permit, and this can be quite a complex process in and of itself. Read More»

Exciting Steps to Follow to Ease Home Ownership

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Conveyance is a legal term used to describe the buying and selling of residential property. It could also be described as the legal transfer from seller to buyer of property. This is a process that can take even months depending on the number of parties involved. Buyers and sellers could be more than one individual. It basically begins when the offer on a house by a seller is accepted and ends when the buyer gets issued the keys. Read More»

Air Conditioning Tips on Keeping a Cooler House

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If the air coming out of your AC unit feels like the air coming out of a simple ventilator, you probably have a cooling issue. From insulation problems to issues with the air conditioning equipment, most residential cooling problems are easy to fix by professional contractors. Here are three tips on dealing with air conditioning problems without having to replace the central unit. Check your ductwork and refrigerant solution If you have had your AC unit for a couple years, it’s possible that over time its ducts have developed leaks that allow the cooling liquid to escape through either floor or wall spaces. Read More»

4 Instances Where Australian Residents Could Have Their Partner Visa Application Denied

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Under Australian law, one can apply for a partner visa while they are living in Australia or when they reside outside Australia. However, there are circumstances under which your application for a partner visa may be rejected even if you are residing in Australia. This article discusses some of those circumstances. If Your Current Visa Has Expired The immigration authorities are likely to turn down your partner visa application if you are in the country but your visa expired and has not been renewed. Read More»

External Building Inspection and Maintenance Tips

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Building inspection is usually an essential step when it comes to purchasing new homes and making property investments. You don’t want to move into your dream house and realize you need to replace the whole electrical and plumbing system. For a home owner, building and pest inspections would assist you in performing better maintenance practices on your home. So whether you are buying a new home, or you want to boost your home’s condition, here are some good practices you can implement. Read More»

How to Determine If You Need a Personal Injury Lawyer

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Not every single injury you suffer on the job or on someone else’s property will warrant a lawsuit against another person. A simple paper cut or slip on a floor that doesn’t really result in an injury isn’t usually enough to bring a case to court, but that doesn’t mean you should assume any and all injuries you’ve suffered should be ignored. Sometimes even a supposedly minor injury might require your representation by a personal injury attorney, and there may be times when you assume you don’t have a case against someone when you should really speak with an attorney before making that decision. Read More»

5 Essential Reasons Why You Must Have A Strata Title

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If you are a unit owner in shared property such as executive apartments, commercial buildings or penthouses, it’s important to have a strata title. Here five points to make you understand why it is important to have a strata title. Exercise Control over Property To qualify to take part in the formation of a management corporation, which will have the authority to administer the affairs of the entire property on behalf of individual unit owners, you must have a strata title. Read More»